Why people like to use essential oils?

Essential oil refers to the general term for volatile aroma-containing substances obtained by processing and extraction from spice plants or aroma-secreting animals. Generally, essential oils are volatile aromatic substances extracted from the flowers, leaves, roots, seeds, fruits, barks, resins, wood hearts and other parts of plants by steam distillation, cold pressing, liposuction or solvent extraction. . Essential oils are divided into diluted (essential oil blends) and undiluted (single essential oils) such as clove essential oil. Essential oils are highly volatile and evaporate quickly when exposed to air, so essential oils must be stored in dark, airtight bottles.

 All natural plant essential oils have the following main functions:

olfactory nerve

The smell is fragrant. After the natural aromatic essential oil enters the brain, it can stimulate the anterior lobe of the brain to secrete two hormones, endorphins and enkephalins, so that the spirit is in a comfortable state. Moreover, different essential oils can be combined with each other to create your favorite fragrance, which will not destroy the characteristics of the essential oil, but promote the function of the essential oil.

skin system

Bactericidal effect, anti-inflammatory effect, healing effect, deodorant effect, sedative effect, anthelmintic effect, soft and delicate skin;

respiratory system

Strengthen the immune function of the respiratory tract, sweat or antipyretic effect, and reduce phlegm;

digestive organs

Antispasmodic effect, appetizing effect, expelling wind and invigorating stomach, promoting digestion;

muscles and bones

Anti-inflammatory, anti-rheumatic, purifying, soothing muscle tissue, detoxifying;

Endocrine System

Balance the action between various secretion systems, contain estrogen-mimicking hormones, and contain plant steroids;

female reproductive system

Antispasmodic effect, menstrual regulating effect, prolactin effect, milk secretion adjustment, hormone secretion effect, uterine strengthening effect, aphrodisiac effect;

 Essential oils as green and healthy health care products have the following main characteristics

1. Fragrance-free - does not mean no fragrance, only the original flavor of natural essential oils or natural plant extracts is used instead of synthetic flavors. It has the effect of aromatherapy and does not irritate the skin.

2. No chemical pigments - does not mean no color, just replace the primary color with natural plant or biochemical extraction.

3. No preservatives - natural Va, Ve, wheat germ oil and carrot oil are used as antioxidants to prevent product spoilage.

4. No mineral oil - all use plant-based breathable grease or non-greasy breathable grease, instead of excessively greasy mineral oil and wool oil, moisturizing after use and fast absorption.

5. No allergy-causing chemical ingredients - completely free of artificial flavors, lanolin, alcohol, chemical sunscreens, pigments and other ingredients that can cause allergies, and for each added raw material, it has been proved by experiments that it will not affect the human body. generate stimulation.

6. No adverse chemical components - each raw material used has undergone safety tests and toxicity tests. Does not contain mercury, lead and other heavy metals, or other harmful and harmful chemical components.

3. How to use the essential oil better?

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Essential oils are substances with very high concentrations. It takes a lot of plants to extract a small amount of essential oils and needs to be used properly. For example, if the muscles are stiff, you can choose wet compresses, baths, or massage; when you are uneasy, you can use incense, spray, or direct inhalation to apply essential oils in daily life to improve the quality of life.

olfactory absorption

1. Incense type: It is the best way to maintain a smooth sense of smell, breathe natural air, and not be harmed by pollutants; it can also improve environmental sanitation and purify the air; aroma can soothe emotions and improve mental conditions.

How to use: Pour boiling water or clean water into the basin above the incense table and fill it about eighth full. Choose 1 to 3 kinds of essential oils and drop them into the basin successively. The total number of drops in a basin of water is about 6 to 8 drops. The ideal incense space of an incense table is about 26.4 square meters. The room should not be completely sealed, but it must be breathable and the air inside and outside should be able to flow.

2. Vapor inhalation method: Vapor inhalation is to absorb essential oils through the respiratory tract. Usually, vapor inhalation is often used when suffering from respiratory diseases, such as coughing, phlegm, etc. However, it should be noted that patients with asthma should avoid strong vapor inhalation , so as not to cause poor breathing; in addition, this method can also open the pores on the face, making the skin cleaner, and essential oils play a good role in beauty. How to use: Pour nearly boiling hot water into a glass, ceramic or stainless steel container (washbasin, bowl or cup), drop 4 to 6 drops of essential oil, cover the back of your neck with a large towel or clothes, and lean over the container. Alternate breathing through the mouth and nose until comfortable, this is a quick-acting method for treating colds and respiratory tract infections, and it is also the best way to refresh and change emotions.

3. Handkerchief: Put 3 to 4 drops of essential oil on a tissue or handkerchief, which can be used in meetings, driving, planes, cars, boats or classes.

4. Palm friction type: Use 1 to 3 drops of the blended essential oil to rub with both hands to generate heat, which can immediately improve fatigue and boost spirit.

5. Spray type: After filling a 100ml spray container with pure water, add 5 to 30 drops of essential oil and shake it evenly before use. When spraying directly on people, spray downward from a 45-degree angle from the top, and the sequence is as follows: ask them to sit down first, relax, and close their eyes. Spray it overhead, allowing the mist to drop to the head. Wait until it smells before spraying on other targets, such as hair, face and neck, to avoid getting into the eyes.

Massage Absorption

Essential oils can only be used after being diluted and reconciled with base oils. After massaging, they can be quickly absorbed by the skin and penetrated into the body. The best time to massage is right after taking a shower, when the body is slightly wet. When massaging, the force may vary depending on the needs. Faster and heavier massages such as rubbing and tapping can lift the spirits; while gentle touches and pressures can soothe or help sleep. This method can be used in facial care, body massage, weight loss and breast strengthening, menstrual pain, abdominal pain, constipation, etc. There are three principles to master: 1. Body massage: 10ml base oil and 5 drops of essential oil. 2. Facial massage: 2 to 3 drops of essential oil in 10ml base oil. 3. Pain relief massage: 10ml base oil and 50 drops of essential oil, only do local massage for 3 days.

According to the method

This method can be applied to epidermal problems, such as cuts, abrasions, etc., like lavender can be used directly on the scalded skin. Clean the affected area first, wipe it dry, and apply it directly on the affected area. For small scars, use a cotton swab (avoid using plastic cotton swabs). Undiluted essential oils should not be applied directly to large areas of skin. For each skin problem, there are two or more essential oils to choose from, which can be selected according to the individual's constitution. If the symptoms still do not improve significantly after 3 days, you need to choose another essential oil. Care should be taken to prevent essential oils from entering the eyes when using.

Cold compress:  Use essential oil cold compress to soothe injured muscles, tendons and bones, and relieve pain. It is usually used in emergencies, such as sprains and bruises. Cold compresses are needed to reduce inflammation and pain in the affected area. The method of essential oil cold compress is to prepare a basin of cold water or ice water, drop the essential oil into the towel, then pick up the towel, absorb the essential oil floating on the surface, wring the towel dry, and apply it to the injured area to relieve discomfort.

Hot compress:  Applying hot compress with essential oil is to accelerate the absorption of essential oil components into the skin and blood by heat, so that the pain and stiffness of the muscles and joints can be relieved. Effective for deep cleansing, softening cutin, menstrual pain, hangover, etc. Apply it to the abdomen during menstrual cramps, and apply it to the liver and kidneys on the front chest and back for hangovers. The method of hot compress is the same as cold compress, except that the water is replaced with hot water.

Smearing:  Smearing is mainly absorbed through the skin, so that the skin can directly absorb the essential oils; smearing is divided into pure oil smearing and diluted massage oil smearing. If there is an emergency, you can use pure essential oil, about 1~2 drops, and apply it directly to the place where you need it. In addition, the more common way is to dilute the essential oil with vegetable oil and fragrance-free lotion and apply it to the place where you need it. [2]

Bath method

Essential oils can be used for baths or foot baths, but undiluted essential oils may damage tubs made of certain materials. Because the chemicals in essential oils will react with certain materials, ceramic, stainless steel, and wooden basins can be used. Stir the essential oil well before soaking. The water temperature should not be overheated, otherwise the essential oil will evaporate quickly. Soak the whole body for about 20 minutes.

Bath: This method can be used for physical conditioning, eliminating fatigue and other problems, promoting metabolism, losing weight, etc. The principle of bathing with essential oil is lower than 37-39 degrees Celsius, because the high water temperature will make the essential oil volatilize too fast and make people tired. The soaking time is 15 minutes each time.

Foot bath: For swollen feet, a cold, and cold feet in winter caused by work fatigue, you can use 4 to 6 drops of essential oil to soak your feet to relieve symptoms. Because the essential oil is concentrated, the foot bath tub used is preferably stainless steel.

Hip bath: It is the best method for physical health care. Washing the prepared formula with warm water can prevent gynecological problems and diseases.

Shower: You can use pure plant essential oils. In the shower, rub 3 to 4 drops of essential oil mixed with the shower gel on the whole body, breathe the steam while showering, apply the massage oil after the shower, and dry it with a towel.

 Why are essential oils best packaged in glass bottles?

Glass bottles are relatively stable and do not easily react chemically with essential oils. And ordinary plastic bottles, including some plastic sub-bottles, are not ideal. When holding essential oils, some harmful substances are easily precipitated, because some essential oils are highly volatile and their molecular structures are not very stable. Use dark glass bottles, mainly to prevent some essential oils from photosensitizing, so most essential oils use brown glass bottles.



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