Why is beer in glass bottles better?

In our lives, beer is a particularly popular drink because its degree is not so high, and it tastes smooth and delicious, and it will not be easy to get drunk after drinking. At the same time, the beer is filled with some bubbles to make it taste delicious and more stimulating at the tip of the tongue, so the wine has quickly grabbed young people since it entered our country. The liquor market is loved by many young people, but if you want to transport beer to various. There are definitely various kinds of packaging that are needed in the place. There are two types of beer packages that are common in the market, one is glass bottle beer, and the other is beer in a can. What is the difference between them? At first, many young people must have thought that there was no difference between the two, just because the materials were different. In fact, if you know the reason behind it, it is estimated that you won’t be wrong when you drink beer in the future.

We all know that before everyone’s childhood more than ten years, many cans on our market were not so popular, so the beer market was listed at that time, glass bottle beer was the mainstream, and beer packaged in cans gradually replaced glass cans in the past ten years. In the mainstream, we often see canned beer in supermarket shelves or shops. Because of its low cost, light weight, easy to carry, and can maintain better integrity during transportation, so canned beer is received by many people. Sought after.But if you have the opportunity to go to some high-end craft beer bars, you will find that all the beer on the shelves are almost all glass bottles, and few cans of beer cans are seen, so the current beer in glass bottles has also become What’s the matter with high-end beer? Originally, beer was originally fermented from wheat germ, so when filling, carbon dioxide or nitrogen was added to pressurize, and the oxygen in the bottle was discharged as much as possible.

Therefore, from the material of both the can and the glass bottle, we can see which pressure effect is better. The obvious thickness of the glass bottle is larger than the can and the strength is stronger. He can withstand much more pressure than the can. When the pressure is increased, higher pressure can be added, so that the quality of the beer is better guaranteed. And glass is a material with very stable chemical properties, and it will not react with the beer in the bottle. However, the cans are generally made of aluminum-iron alloy as raw materials and may come into contact with beer. Reaction, with the passage of time, the flavor of beer will undergo a great change, will make the beer taste bad, even produce a metallic taste.

So if we only drink beer for convenience, not a senior beer enthusiast, in general, it is enough to choose a can of beer, because we do not have such a high pursuit of beer quality, and we do not drink so much. Particular. However, if weight and portability are not considered, from the perspective of tasting beer quality, glass bottled beer is better than canned beer. Therefore, if we want to taste the quality and content of beer, it is better to choose high-quality beer in glass bottles.




Post time: Jun-30-2020