Why food and beverages packaged in glass bottles are still extremely popular in the modern world ?

SiegelGale, the world's leading strategic brand promotion agency, accepted Owens-Illinois (New York Stock Exchange: OI) to conduct a global survey on consumer preferences in food and beverage packaging, and conducted a global survey of more than 2,900 consumers in nine countries The author conducted a survey to evaluate how consumers choose between different packaging types and how to weigh the standards when choosing packaging. The survey results show:

Consumers most prefer glass packaging--

93.5% of consumers prefer glass bottled wine;

66% of consumers prefer non-alcoholic beverages in glass bottles;

84% of consumers prefer beer in glass bottles, especially in European countries;

91% of the respondents in the survey prefer food packaged in glass bottles, which is particularly evident in Latin America, accounting for 95% of the respondents.

The survey concluded that: global consumers favor food and beverages packaged in glass bottles.

The above information may answer to a certain extent why the introduction of polyester bottled beer in the Chinese beer industry for at least five years has not improved, and the market has responded little. It can be seen that the dominance of traditional glass bottled beer is hard to shake!

In the past five years, articles on the advantages, market advantages, technology and economy of PET bottled beer packaging have been overwhelming. More articles regard the transformation of Chinese beer packaging from traditional glass bottles to PET bottles as the 21st century Chinese packaging industry. The biggest opportunities and challenges. Because of this, more people expect China's beer industry to be the same as China's beverage industry, but the old look has changed in ten years-from the dominating glass bottle packaging to the dazzling and beautiful PET bottle packaging. Why can't Chinese beer packaging be reborn like Chinese beverage packaging?

First of all, we need to start from the long history of traditional glass bottle packaging and the huge consumption inertia to discuss the underlying reasons why the marketization of PET bottle packaging for beer in China has not moved forward.

1. The above information from the US business survey shows that consumers around the world believe that glass is superior to other packaging materials in the five core factors of "purity, quality, safety, versatility, and recycling."

The glass material is silicate, which is one of the most chemically stable materials. As a container, almost no organic matter is precipitated. The inherent superiority of glass bottle packaging is almost unmatched by any other packaging material, and its "purity, quality and safety" should be second to none in all packaging materials.

The 3R principles of green packaging:

Reduce ;



At present, glass bottles are also undergoing the process of adopting advanced energy-saving technology, surface enhancement technology (coating or sleeve labeling, etc.) and bottle and can lightweight technology to improve labor productivity and enhance the cost-effective competitiveness of the market. It is in line with the growing plastic packaging. ratio.

2. The huge consumption inertia is destined for the marketization of Chinese beer PET bottle packaging to invest more force and longer time. Just as the first law of Newton’s mechanics is the essence of the law of inertia (Lawofinertia): inertia refers to the ability of an object to maintain its original motion trend (maintaining a uniform linear motion and a static state) until the external force forces it to change this state. The greater the inertia. For China's huge beer production and consumption market, its inertia can be said to be unprecedented. Therefore, the market impetus and time required to change this inherent traditional consumption inertia can only be unprecedented.

In the Chinese beer industry, there were Sanjiu, Jiahe, and Lanbei in the north, and Zhuhai, Laizhou, and Yanjing in the south. They all had small-scale trial production of PET bottled beer on the market. Recently, Taiwan Far East Textile invested nearly 100 million US dollars in the mainland. Factory, in the form of OEM, pushes polyester bottle packaging beer, and Zhuhai Zhongfu. Compared with the people who talk about it, they are the pioneers in the Chinese beer industry to push PET bottled beer.

Post time: Oct-23-2020