What is the difference between borosilicate glass and ordinary glass?

1. The coefficient of thermal expansion is different:

Borosilicate glass has a very low coefficient of thermal expansion, which is about one third of that of ordinary glass. This will reduce the influence caused by the temperature gradient stress, which will have stronger fracture resistance.

2. The main ingredients are different:

Ordinary glass is soda lime silicate glass, the main component is silicon dioxide; the main component of high borosilicate glass is boron trioxide and silicon dioxide, it is added water glass sand, Soda water and ground lime. The boron content and silicon content of high borosilicate glass can reach 14% and 80%, respectively, while ordinary glass types generally do not add boron.

3. Different tensile strength:

The tensile strength of high borosilicate glass is higher than that of ordinary glass, so the cracks are also relatively large, which is unit fragmentation, not ordinary glass fragmentation.

4. Different resistance to cold and heat shock:

The high borosilicate glass uses boron and silicon materials to replace a large number of harmful heavy metal ions in the green glass, and improves the glass's resistance to cold and thermal shock. Even if the temperature changes suddenly, the glass will not burst. If hot water is added to an ordinary glass placed outdoors in winter, it will expand and burst due to heat; even if the borosilicate glass is placed in an environment of -30°C, it will not burst if added to 100°C hot water.

Advantages of high borosilicate glass bottle

The production method of high borosilicate glass bottle is controlled, the capacity ranges from 5ml to 400ml, and the application is very wide. Capsules, tablets, powders, health products, etc. will be filled in high borosilicate glass bottles. This shows that the high borosilicate glass bottle has many advantages. So what is the market development prospect of high borosilicate glass bottle?

Glass bottles made of high borosilicate glass are healthy and environmentally friendly, crystal clear, good texture, strong mechanical properties, strong performance against extreme cold and extreme temperature changes, and corrosion resistance to chemicals such as acids and alkalis. Strong, high borosilicate glass contains cullet. The use of cullet can not only use waste, but also accelerate the melting process of the glass and reduce the heat consumption of melting, thereby reducing the production cost of the glass and increasing the output. . At the same time, high borosilicate glass bottles also have the advantages of transparency, hardness, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, electrical and optical properties. The high borosilicate glass bottle has good chemical stability and will not react in any way with the contents.

The high borosilicate glass bottle is non-toxic, tasteless, and has high transparency. No matter what lid is equipped, the appearance is beautiful, which can improve the product grade and improve marketing methods. As a commercial product, packaging is very important. Taking products by appearance has also become a consumer behavior with Chinese characteristics. Therefore, high-end packaging equipment such as high-grade borosilicate glass bottles is very important for marketing. This shows that high-boron The market development prospects of silica glass bottles are also very good.


Post time: May-27-2021