What is the development history of mason jars?

Sometimes people can’t help but wonder how the glass bottles that were used for the second time after eating canned food at home when they were young have become fashionable food utensils in major restaurants in New York and London now? In fact, the history of these glass jars is very long.

Mason Jar was born in the 1850s. It was invented by John Landis Mason, a blacksmith from Philadelphia, USA, and registered a patent in 1858. The Mason Jar is made of a thick glass jar, and the great thing is that it pioneered a threaded bottle mouth. The special lid is composed of a metal sheet and a threaded ring band. The vacuum in the jar can be realized at the moment of locking, instead of In addition to the original troublesome method of using cork and sealing wax to prevent corrosion, of course, the transparent glass also helped people to clearly see the changes in the jar in time, which solved the troublesome fruit storage problem of many families at that time.

The first batch of Mason Jar produced, marked with the year In 1937, in Ball Mason Jar’s factory, female workers were doing final quality inspections.

Before the birth of the refrigerator, Mason Jar was the most powerful helper in the kitchen of American housewives. In autumn, Mason Jar was used to store jars of blueberries, cranberries, peaches and other fruits, sometimes jams, pickles or pasta. Sauce or something, these scenes can often be seen in movies. But it sounds more like the people of our country store vegetables for the winter. In the first half of the last century, the prosperity of this glass jar was also inseparable from the turbulent social situation for years. During World War II, every household had to store as many fruits and vegetables as possible. At this time, the Mason Jar was once a hot commodity. In short, its appearance almost triggered a kitchen revolution.

Mason Jar has never withdrawn from the stage of history, this old antique can always find its own value in different places. Nowadays, using it to make home-made pickles and fruits is still the basic skill of foreign housewives in the kitchen, and they are indispensable for storing ingredients at home. Recently, it has become a fashionable item for white-collar workers in the city. It is used as a container for daily salad lunches, and the food level can be clearly seen. There are also various canned salad recipes circulating on social networks. , Good-looking and easy to make.

Stepping out of the kitchen, Mason Jar has become the default best flower device. Foreigners use it to grow flowers and plants. It seems that there is no sense of contradiction, and even a special flower arrangement category has been developed.

In recent years, the industrial-style interior design that has become popular in recent years has not forgotten to decorate with Mason Jar, which is used as a lampshade on table lamps and chandeliers. Of course, the scene with the most scenes is the bar counters of various bars. Mason Jar is suitable for beverages. Many manufacturers also For this purpose, Mason Jar is specially made to hold drinks.

          Now lets introduce several jars from different brands for everyone today, and the itchy students can start your Mason Jar journey from them.


As a century-old company, Ball is a well-deserved big brother in the Jar industry, and the most common and famous glass jar in the United States. Ball produces the most classic Mason Jar, mainly in two sizes, 9cm in diameter and 6cm in diameter. The classic two-piece tinplate bottle cap is composed of a metal ring and a metal gasket. In the later period, Ball also introduced a variety of replaceable metal gaskets in different shapes, so that the glass can can be instantly transformed into a cup and adjustment. Wine glass or oil can. In addition, even the color glass bottle is the most famous in his family, and its unique blue model has also been given a "Ball Blue" name.


Kerr is the most common Mason Jar brand besides Ball. Kerr's jars have a complete range of models to cater for various purposes. Now the two have merged to monopolize the US market, and both are produced in Indiana factories.


WECK from Germany also has a history of more than one hundred years. Speaking of its biggest feature, it is undoubtedly the cute strawberry logo. Behind this strawberry, it also represents the high-quality manufacturing technology and standards of Germany. Different from the American concept, WECK's bottle cap is also made of glass, and the safety is realized through rubber sealing ring and glass clip. The choice of bottle body is extremely diverse, you can choose from various shapes and colors, but the disadvantage is that each part must be purchased separately, without the trouble of Ball.



LE PARFAIT from France can be described as a combination of the previous ones. It also has first-class manufacturing technology. The most distinctive feature is the metal iron button on the lid. You have probably seen this classic button design countless times. This time you can buy a genuine one and try it.

Post time: Jun-08-2021