How to use aromatherapy oil better to improve the quality of life?

Aromatherapy oil: It is a porous diffuser that can emit a special fragrance. It can fill your entire bedroom with delicate fragrance. General glass bottles are widely used all over the world as aromatherapy bottles. So many people will ask, should I put aromatherapy in the bedroom?

           This is all up to you. If you want to buy it, you can place it in the large living room. This will not only allow the aromatherapy to play the role of air disinfection, but also make the visiting guests feel that the home is full of fragrance.


           Of course, you can also put it in your own bedroom, but remember not to open the aromatherapy every day. It is fine to open it occasionally, because the doors and windows of your master bedroom are usually closed, which is not easy to breathe. It may be in an aromatherapy environment for a long time. It is harmful to the body. In short, one thing we need to know is that the scent of aromatherapy is a volatile matter. If the concentration is too high, inhaling these scents for a long time may cause certain damage to our body. But everything has both good and bad aspects. At the same time, aromatherapy itself has various benefits for our body.

           For example, if you feel some uncomfortable symptoms on your body, especially when you feel depressed or very sad, or when work is under pressure, you can choose aromatherapy essential oils to help you relieve these symptoms, and it can be appropriate Improve your immunity. If someone in your house has a cold, you can prevent others from being infected by using aromatherapy at this time.


People who are not suitable for aromatherapy:

1. If you are pregnant, it is not recommended to use essential oils

Because if you use aromatherapy essential oils, it may cause miscarriage. After the drug passes through the embryo, it is also easy to cause harm to babies whose digestive system is not sound.

Of course, if you are in the middle and late stages of pregnancy, when the fetus is developing well, you can use a small amount of essential oil to massage your legs. This will help the pregnant womans legs to return blood and improve edema.

2. Babies under one year old are not recommended to use aromatherapy essential oils

If you want to use it, you can use some milder ones, such as lavender, tea tree, etc., and you must choose high-quality vegetable oil fragrance when using it. Do not place the scenting tool in a place that is easy to be touched by children. So as not to cause accidents

3. It is not recommended for people with respiratory diseases

Some fragrances will emit bursts of fragrance after you ignite, but at the same time it will produce some tiny particles, sometimes directly hurt the eyes

Most of the aromatherapy is extracted from flowers, such as jasmine and rose. If you have respiratory diseases, exposure to these may cause allergies. Also, it is possible to use aromatherapy in the home when the air is not circulating. To a certain extent, it will pollute the air, which can easily cause hypoxia and fatigue, which may be harmful to people with asthma, rhinitis and other allergies.


Aromatherapy can bring great comfort to your family:

1. It can eliminate all kinds of peculiar smells and purify the air

You can buy aromatherapy and put it in the closet or bathroom. The shoe cabinet can also eliminate some peculiar smells and improve the air quality in the room. Especially the kind of non-fire aromatherapy, it is more suitable to put it in these places, and there is no need to worry about any safety issues.

2. I believe it can help disperse mosquitoes, remove mites and antibacterially.

It can be placed in a childrens room or a study room to keep you in a state of comfort and peace of mind at all times. It can also make you feel refreshed to a certain extent. If there are mosquitoes in the home, using aromatherapy can basically make your whole home. It becomes more comfortable inside, and there are no mosquitoes and the like

3. Relieve stress and adjust mood

Aromatherapy can make yourself more peaceful and stable to a certain extent. If you use aromatherapy at home after work, it can help you ease your mood and make yourself more comfortable. This is why many office workers like to light the fragrance in their bedroom, study or living room, because they will look more comfortable and feel comfortable.


           The introduction to aromatherapy is basically here. In fact, aromatherapy is not difficult to use. Generally, after you use it once, you basically know how to use it. The effect of aromatherapy is generally better. Make the choice based on your own needs. Especially for the scent of aromatherapy, just pick the one you like!


Post time: Dec-09-2021