What about the use and development of scented candles?

Aromatherapy candles are a kind of craft candles. They are rich in appearance and beautiful in color. The natural plant essential oils they contain emit a pleasant fragrance when burning. They have the functions of beauty and health care, soothing nerves, purifying the air and eliminating odors . When it comes to the “healing” effect, the different aromas emitted by different scented candles will also have different effects on the body, such as chocolate, strawberry, blueberry and other flavors. Since sweetness is the main note in the flavor, it helps to eliminate Depressed mood. The fragrance of flowers has an aphrodisiac effect, which can eliminate unhappiness in the heart and accelerate blood circulation.


             In a quiet night, or if you need to create a romantic atmosphere, candles are one of the indispensable embellishments. The beating flame and diffuse fragrance give rise to a warm feeling. Through the fragrance, you can relieve the tension and busyness of life. It can be placed in any ideal place such as office, residence, etc. It is one of the popular aromatherapy methods in Europe and America.

             Fashionable and warm candles with different shapes are no longer lighting tools, but are used to observe and appreciate, change the atmosphere of the home, aromatherapy, create fragrance, such as creating a romantic atmosphere, etc…

Use occasions


            In general, scented candles can be used in bathrooms, bedrooms, offices, psychotherapy rooms and other spaces. At the same time, it can play a very good role in creating atmosphere in different occasions such as housewarming gifts, business gifts, birthday gifts, sick condolences, anniversaries…

           However, scented candles are not suitable for use on the dining table, because the aroma of the food will mask the aroma of the food; it should be avoided to use different scented candles in the same space at the same time, if mixed with other scents, it may produce strange scent combinations, so It is recommended to use one fragrance in the same space, and then use another fragrance after ventilation.

           Regarding the use time of scented candles, under normal circumstances, the use time of fragrance is about 50 hours, but it is also slightly affected by environmental factors. The fragrance recommends that after every 2-3 hours of burning, stop burning the candle and let the indoor air circulate.

           Burning candles should be placed in a fireproof container out of the reach of children. Burning candle containers are hot to the touch, so they need to be extinguished and cooled before moving. To avoid fire, please use it when there are people. Please avoid contact with eyes, skin and clothing, and keep it out of the reach of pets and children. If the liquid accidentally gets into the eyes or swallowed, please rinse with plenty of water or drink it, and seek medical attention immediately. This product is not a toy and is intended for adult use only.


            In a traditional sense, the reasons for using candles come from religion, culture, life needs and other reasons. The global consumer demand for candle products has been stable for a long time and has a certain growth trend. But in the 21st century, the candle market is quietly changing! The author also talks about the prospects of the aromatherapy candle wholesale market based on years of experience in the wax art industry.

           As mentioned above, from a traditional point of view, candles are generally used for religious, cultural and life needs. At present, candles purchased at the retail end are excluded from traditional use. Modern candles are more in the direction of scented candles and wax art. The following author will introduce to you a real case of the successful transformation of an offline traditional candle manufacturer like aromatherapy candles:

          This is a candle product manufacturer in Shanghai. In the early years, it produced traditional candle products, mainly for domestic sales and retail. However, since China joined the WTO in 2002, the market competition has become more and more fierce, and the performance has also declined day by day. In fact, some friends who know marketing will definitely say that this is not very normal. From the growth period to the mature period, the company at that time is considered to have entered a recession period. At this time, either transform into new products or quickly take money and leave. At first, the boss thought that after so many years, he would earn enough money to go home to retire, but when he saw that the employees who had been with him for many years were about to lose their jobs, he couldn’t bear it, so he made up his mind to consider transformation. But in the final analysis, it is not that simple to want to transform. After much deliberation, he found a new path!

            Speaking of new roads, it doesn’t really count. This is a scene I met while traveling abroad: the boss’s child is studying abroad. On Christmas Eve, the boss and his wife flew to the United States to visit their daughter. When I saw a wax art product store on the shopping street, the owner entered the store out of curiosity. This is unbelievable. The decoration and design of the store are very delicate. Different from ordinary traditional candles, these candles can still have a floral fragrance after they are lit. And the price is even more staggering, a candle that looks no different from its own except for the color can sell for thirty dollars! The equivalent of RMB is a sky-high candle of 100 yuan! Does anyone buy this too? The boss continued to consult the owner, and only after asking, did he know that this was the most popular scented candle in the United States at that time. Many white-collar workers and industry elites spend money to buy such candles. And many people in the hotel, restaurant, and wedding industry purchased goods in batches to create the atmosphere of the scene, and almost all the restaurants that could light this candle at that time were expensive! The owner of the candle factory who has been in business for many years found business opportunities with his business sense for many years: a scented candle that is not difficult to make can be sold at a high price, why can’t we do it? To this end, the boss bought all kinds of candles and rushed back to China for research, and finally developed candles with the same smell, color and quality and exported them to Europe and the United States, creating a new era for the company!

          It is not difficult to see from this case that candles are no longer just a daily necessities in the traditional sense. More manifested elsewhere! For the “new version” of the candle industry, the entire development trend will be more life-like, which is the so-called ideal living state. In fact, for people in developed countries, as mentioned in the previous introduction, scented candles in Europe and the United States have become common products in white-collar life, mostly used to observe and appreciate, change the home atmosphere, aromatherapy, create fragrance, etc. As mentioned above, with the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, there is a higher requirement for the quality of life. The development of scented candles in the future must have huge market potential!

Post time: Jan-24-2022