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Fragrance bottle packing amber glass essential oil bottle

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*Capacity: From 5ml to 120ml 

*Customized logo: Yes
*Post Processing:Printing,Decal, Hot stamping,Color spray or Frosted
*Assemble the bottles with lid:Yes
*Do label stick: Yes
*New Mold Design: Yes,we can do the new mold with your samples or by the drawing.
Shipment Way: By Sea or By air
Delivery Time : 7-14 days with stock item. 25-35 days for bulk production
MOQ: 10000 pcs.
Sample: Free samples with freight collect.
Sample Time: 5-7days

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Essential Oil Glass Bottles

Dear customers, we’re happy to introduce you about our design of essential oil glass bottle.

Essential oils are widely used in a variety of applications to improve the quality of people's lives. because the production of essential oils is very healthy, and the use of essential oils can make the body healthier. as we all know,different brands of essential oils will bring you different feelings, it can help purify the air, disperse mosquitoes, remove mites and antibacterial, also with a nice scent will help you to relieve stress and adjust mood to work more efficiently.

Quality goods need more professional packaging, glass bottles as the best choice for packaging are widely used to fill with essential oils in all over the world. Because glass bottle material is relatively stable, it’s not easy to react with essential oil. This ensures that the essential oils are of good quality and last longer."

Shining Glass can provide you with different shapes and sizes of glass bottles to fill with essential oil bottles. So please feel free to contact us now...


Product information

Product Name:Fragrance bottle packing amber glass essential oil bottle

Material:Glass                                                     Feature:Eco-friendly,durable and recyclable

Color:Clear or customized                                  Capacity:5ml,10ml,15ml,20ml,30ml,50ml,100ml

Post-processing: Silk-screen printing, Decal,Color Spray,Hot stamping & Frosted etc.

Package:Master Carton/ Pallet                           Delivery Time:25-35 days

Payment:T/T 50% deposit & 50% balance.        Place of Origin:XuZhou,China

A wide variety of accessories to show our professionalism.

If there is no suitable one, please contact customer service and send us the style you need.


Custom processing to meet customer's personalized needs.

(custom colors are made with Pandon color card numbers)


Professional packaging makes transportation safer & products excellent.

If you have better ideas, want to customize some better-looking packaging, and choose some other packaging reinforcement methods, contact us Please.


Our Advantage: 

Q uality Assurance  

Quality first is our tenet. Our team ensures product quality from the preparation of abrasives before production, quality inspection during production, packaging and so on.

Competitive Price  

Quality determines price, so we do not pursue lower price, but we pursue the same quality, the price is the most competitive 

Professional Service   

We pursue the same service before and after sale, because our goal is long-term cooperation with customers and common development.


1.How to get samples?  

Contact us to confirm the details of samples , then we will arrange to send for you asap.

2.Is it possible to develop and design new mold?

Yes. We have the professional cooperative factory to design and open new mold, and also Pre-production samples can be produced if necessary.

3.How to ensure the quality of the post-processing ? 

Post-processing such as color spray, silk screen printing,hot stamping, decal and frosted. the details to determine success or failure, so we will control the color difference,avoid the scratch ,pay attention to cover the mouth,prevent dust with pp bag and increase logo firmness through high temperature furnace...

4.How to deal with breakage and compensation?

a. First of all, we will do professional package to avoid breakage. But glass as a fragile product, breakage rate under 2% is allowed by the industry. Usually we send spare products to make sure the quantity is enough.

b. In case of mass breakage or serious quality problems We will actively cooperate with the customer to find the cause and make reasonable compensation in a timely manner. 

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